Chris Casali

Chris Casali leads a process driven practice that entails a fascination for detail. A performance of reduction

and withdrawal; an active escape and removal of oneself from the external to the internal world. Leaving behind a fractured landscape that’s obscured and disconnected in form.

Casali’s artworks explore elements of abstraction with hints of natural reference that subconsciously resonate

a personal, yet historical connection to the land and the sea. Multi-faceted façade like relationships present

arrangements overlapping in form with multiple viewpoints. Her visual language is complex yet minimal in narrative. There is an intuitive play of light from darkness, a refusal of content, a quietly defiant act that’s driven by a desire for artistic simplification and integrity. She is making a conscious attempt to strip back the influences of cultural liberalist ideologies. A long-term commitment to an extended meditation of the fundamental artistic tenets in process and materiality.