Chris Casali’s process driven practice employs an exploratory and intuitive approach to the creation of highly detailed and considered drawings and paintings. Her work, guided by the gesture of abstract expressionism considers the influence of the external world on the internal self. A practice that does not conform to a particular theoretical framework, rather guided by various personal experiences, memories, and an ongoing fascination for materiality; an in-depth study that analyses the governing tenets artists use to create and express aesthetic experience.

Her deep understanding in the materiality of paint has allowed her practice to evolve over time. Creating work that straddles a push and pull tension that abstracts gestural marks until a form is finally revealed. Work that often hints towards the natural and endangered environment and culminates into a series of fractured landscapes that are obscured and disconnected in form.

This process navigates the depiction of the conscious and subconscious, it also hints towards an active withdrawal from the world, a coping mechanism that uses meditative practices that are both emotional and intuitive. While the detail in the works created by layered and deliberate marks can overwhelm the viewer, they also pose invitation to their experiences and interpretation. A reminder to take a moment and pause to consider what it means to connect and experience a kinship with nature. 


Chris Casali is a Sydney based artist. Formal study attained includes a Master of Fine Art with Excellence from the University of New South Wales (2018); a Diploma of Fine Arts from the National Art School, Sydney (1994) and a Diploma of Graphic Design from Enmore Design Centre, Sydney TAFE (1998).

Casali’s work has been featured in solo and group shows in Australia and internationally, including Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Italy, and China. She has been represented in numerous art prizes including: the Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize (Finalist, Professional Category, 2023); Dobell Drawing Prize 22# (2021); KAAF Art Prize (2019); 3rd Taiwan Watercolour Award Exhibition (2019); Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Prize (Winner - Emerging Category, 2019); Splash McClelland Contemporary Watercolour Award (2021, 2018); the Biennial International Marche d’Acqua Watercolour Prize (2018); the Kedumba Drawing Award (2015, 2016); The Macquarie Group Emerging Artist Prize (People’s Choice Award and Highly Commended, 2016); Tim Olsen Drawing Award (2016); Fishers Ghost Drawing/Printmaking Award (2014) and the Winsor & Newton Emerging Artist Prize (Highly Commended, 2013).

Her work is held in public and private collections in Australia and internationally, including: the Paper and Watermark Museum, Fabriano, Italy; the Kedumba Collection of Drawings; the Macquarie Group Collection; and the Ravenswood Australian Women’s Art Collection.

Chris Casali