Chris Casali


2018                        Master of Fine Art with Excellence – UNSW Art & Design, Sydney

1998                        Diploma of Graphic Design, Enmore Design Centre, TAFENSW, Sydney                            
1994                        Diploma of Fine Arts, National Art School, Sydney


Present – 1995          Practicing Artist
Present – 2008          Head of Studies - St George School of Fine Art, TAFE NSW
Present – 2018          Head of Studies - Ceramic Design Studio, TAFE NSW 


2023                        Flowing Water - 2023 Taoyuan International Watercolor Biennale,1st and 2nd Exhibition Room, and the Gallery on 2nd                                        and 3rd Floor, the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taoyuan, Taiwan

2023                        Australian Watercolour Institute,100th Anniversary Exhibition, Lion Gate Lodge, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, Australia

2023                        Gesture, Stanley Street Gallery, Darlinghurst, Australia

2023                        Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize, Sydney, Australia

2023                   Blue Note, Slot Gallery, Alexandria, Australia

2022                        Australian Watercolour Institute, 99th Annual Exhibition, Juniper Hall, Paddington, Australia

2021                        Splash McClelland Contemporary Watercolour Award, McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery, Victoria, Australia

2021                        Australian Watercolour Institute, 98th Annual Exhibition:

                     Taiwan-Australia International Watercolour Exhibition, Juniper Hall, Paddington, Australia

2021 - 2023              Regional Tour, Dobell Drawing Prize 22#, Gosford Art Gallery NSW, Logan Art Gallery QLD,

                                 Bank Art Museum Moree NSW, Cowra Regional Art Gallery NSW,

                                 Griffith Regional Art Gallery NSW, Bega Valley Regional Art Gallery NSW

2021                         Dobell Drawing Prize 22#, National Art School, Sydney, Australia

2019                         International Watercolour Exhibition and the 3rd Taiwan Watercolour Award Exhibition,

                                 Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taiwan

2019                         Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize, Sydney, Australia
2019                         Australian Watercolour Institute 96th Annual Exhibition, Juniper Hall, Sydney, Australia

2018                         Splash McClelland Contemporary Watercolour Award 2018, McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery, Langwarrin, Australia

2018                         Tibetan Vision, Museum of Toscolano Maderno, Italy

2018                         Australian Watercolour Institute 95th Annual Exhibition, Juniper Hall, Paddington, Australia 
2018                         Biennial International Prize “Marche dÁcqua” Fabriano Watercolour, Paper & Watermark Museum of Fabriano, Italy
2018                         Flux, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney
2017                         Australian Watercolour Institute 94th Annual Exhibition, Juniper Hall, Paddington, Australia 
2017                         Eternal, Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong
2017                         XII International Watercolour Biennial, The Alfredo Guati-Rojo National Watercolour Museum, Mexico City.
2017                         Fusion Chinese/Australian Art Exhibition, ARO Gallery, Sydney 
2017                         Alternate States, Gallery 49, Sydney, Australia
2016                         Season Fray, Wellington Street Project Space, Sydney, Australia

2016                         Ephemeral Inscriptions, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2016                         Fusion Chinese/Australian Art Exhibition, Desheng Art Museum, Shunde, China
2016                         Macquarie Group Emerging Art Award. Macquarie Group Gallery, Sydney, Australia 
2016                         Tim Olsen Drawing Award, Kudos Gallery, Sydney, Australia 
2016                         Kedumba Drawing Award, Orange Regional Gallery, Australia
2016                         Australian Watercolour Institute 93rd Annual Exhibition. Juniper Hall, Paddington, Australia 
2015                         Experiments of the Curious Goings On, Sheffer Gallery, Sydney

2015                         Australian Watercolour Institute 92nd Annual Exhibition, Gosford Regional Gallery, Australia
2015                         Street Stories, Delmar Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2015                         Looking Out/Looking In, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney, Australia 
2015                         Kedumba Drawing Award, Orange Regional Gallery, Australia
2014                         Fishers Ghost Art Prize, Campbelltown Art Centre, Australia
2013                         W&N Emerging Art Award, UNSW Art & Design Galleries, Sydney, Australia


Current – 2015          Australian Watercolour Institute (AWI)
Current – 2016          Secretary (AWI)


2019                          Ravenswood Australian Women's Art, Australia

2018                          Paper & Watermark Museum of Fabriano, Italy

2016                          The Kedumba Collection of Drawings, Australia
2016                          The Macquarie Group Collection, Australia


2023                          Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize. Professional Artist Category. Finalist

2021                          Splash McClelland Contemporary Watercolour Award, Finalist.

2021                          Dobell Drawing Prize 22#. Finalist

2019                          2019 KAAF Art Prize. Semi-Finalist

2019                          3rd Taiwan Watercolour Award Exhibition. Finalist

2019                          Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize. Emerging Artist Category, Winner

2018                          Splash McClelland Contemporary Watercolour Award 2018. Finalist

2018                          Biennial International Prize “Marche dÁcqua” Fabriano Watercolour. Finalist
2016                          Kedumba Drawing Award. Collected
2016                          The Macquarie Group Emerging Artist Prize. Highly Commended & People's Choice Award
2016                          Tim Olsen Drawing Award, Finalist
2015                          Kedumba Drawing Award, Finalist
2014                          Fishers Ghost, Drawing/Printmaking Award. Finalist
2013                          Winsor & Newton Emerging Art Prize. Highly Commended Award


​2019                          Bilpin International Ground for Creative Initiatives (BigCi), Australia